About Aslan's Accessories

"Friendship is so important. It comes and stays with God's grace." - Usha

Usha Nattam & Esther Kauffman have known each other since the early 1980s, when Usha brought to her three sons their first puppy, Trooper. At the time Esther was a dog groomer & pet sitter who was referred to Usha through friends. Over many years and several more pets in the family, they developed a strong bond, which has proved especially important the last 10 years.

"The Good Lord told me to buy this business."  -Usha

While maintaining her grooming services, Esther bought an established bow-making business in 2001.  She sold her grooming shop to make a downpayment, buying the business on a wing and a prayer.  Four of the patterns are left from the original selection, but all the rest are Esther's own designs.  She enjoyed learning to make the patterns herself and encouraged others to learn along with her.  

That same year, she asked Usha to try her hand at making a simple bow with four petals.  She got the hang of it, and became involved helping Esther build her inventory.  Within the next few years, Usha taught relatives and friends what she had learned.  Over time, Esther and Usha have expanded their inventory to include ruffies, bowser ties, bow ties, simple ties, bandanas, belly bands, collars, snoods, and water-repellant leg protectors.  The business is run and all accessories are made by women, mostly in America.

In 2015, Esther asked Usha if she would like to take on the business, giving it her 100% focus.  Usha realized the growth in productivity over the years and valued all the time and effort shared by family and friends around the country and the world - all very enthusiastic to be part of the process. 

She realized that it had become a very relevant part of her own life as well, so she took her time and worked closely with Esther to learn the business side of things for another two years.

Finally, in January 2018, she closed on the business, and immediately celebrated by recruiting her three sons and daughters-in-law to all take part in revitalizing and supporting the website. 

It brings Usha much joy that all those closest to her are helping on this special journey, and she looks forward to continue providing quality pet accessories made with love.

Aslan's Accessories - Handmade dog grooming accessories

Aslan's Accessories - Handmade dog grooming accessories